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Hidden Creek Outfitters offers wilderness adventures in Wyoming's famed Thorofare drainage located outside the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Hunting trophy Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep and Black Bear. Summer wilderness horseback trips, Fishing, Camping, Photography and Art Trips. Our Thorofare Adventures offers the avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast a professional guide service in the largest, most remote wilderness area in the lower 48 US states. Browse through the site for more information and check out the news section on this page for information and updates.
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Equipment List

   Weather can range from warm fall days to cooler snow days, depending on the hunt dates. Usually, it's comfortable, but this is the Rockies, weather can change at any time. Layered clothing is recommended. Wool is an excellent choice, nylon outer garments or smooth gortex jackets are not. Some people on the early rifle hunts like to wear jeans. These are fine as long as they fit snugly. Good quality rain gear is a must. For hunting, any of the quieter styles are an excellent choice. You won't necessarily need rain pants for hunting, but they are essential should it be rainy on the ride in. Footwear is most important. You will encounter all types of conditions, rain, step terrain, mud and creek crossing. I recommend a pair of leather boots with "Air-Bob" or Vibrum soles with heels. On the later hunts, a good pair of pack boots is a must. You will be crossing creeks, so you boots need to be waterproof and as tall as you can find. Either way, they need to be broke in before you get here. Gaiters are another great idea. Mornings will be cool with dew on the ground, gaiters will keep you warm and dry. I use a fleece covered pair to lessen the noise. Elk have an excellent sense of smell, sight and hearing and every bit as cagey as Whitetail Deer. Everything you can do to give yourself an edge should be done. Below is an equipment list of all the basic gear you will need to bring. Check it over and if you need any recommendations feel free to call. If I were asked what I think the most important thing for a hunter to bring, I would have to say a positive attitude. Elk hunting is a strenuous sport both physically and mentally. Not everyone gets an opportunity at an animal the first day. It takes determination and drive. The more prepared you are the easier things will go. And hey, hunting in the most game rich and beautiful wilderness can't hurt either!
Every year we have our share of missed shots. The only way I know of to reduce this is to have the best equipment you can and know how to use it. Practice with your rifle as much as you can. Large calibers, scopes and muzzle breaks can never take the place of shooting. Shots on average are 125 to 150 yards but this is big country where shots of 300 to 350 yards are possible. Today's rifles, optics and ammo make these shots very possible, with PRACTICE!
I have tried to cover most of the things you will need for your hunt. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. Rest assured that the crew will do the best we can to make this the most enjoyable hunt you've been on.


Hunt Clothing List:
Your equipment has to all fit into two small zippered duffel bags (20 lbs each), Totaling 40 lbs.! Not including sleeping bag and gun or bow. Your sleeping bag can be rolled separately. If your duffel bag is not waterproof, line it with a large, heavy-duty trash bag. I strongly encourage a waterproof cover for your bedroll as well. These are available at most outdoor equipment suppliers. This will keep your sleeping bag warm, clean, and dry. A comfortable sleeping mattress will be furnished for your use in camp.
This is what we suggest you bring.
Hunting License
Quality sleeping bag -10 degree rated
Good quality rain gear(packable)
2 pr. jeans or hunting pants
2 heavy weight shirts
1 heavy pant (wool)
4 changes underwear
2 pr. heavy socks
1 pr. leather boots
2 changes long underwear
3 pr. medium socks
2 medium weight shirts
Shaving kit
1 towel & washcloth
Toilet items(baby wipes)
Personal medication (Alieve)
Warm hat
Current Wyoming Conservation Stamp
2 Lip balm
Belt & Extra bootlaces
Camera & film
1 pr. felt pack boots
1 pr. camp shoes
20 rounds ammo
Game Bags
Flashlight & Batteries
Light & heavy gloves
Light & heavy jacket
Day Pack
Hunter Orange Hat or Vest
Gaiters "Quiet type"
LED Head Light
Game Bags
Please make sure package has enough bags for for the animals hunted.
Each animal will have four quarters, back straps and loins.


Hidden Creek Outfitters, Bill Perry, Cody Wyoming
Outfitter License #BG041
23 Rd. 6MR, Cody WY 82414 307-899-5124

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