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Hidden Creek Outfitters offers wilderness adventures in Wyoming's famed Thorofare drainage located outside the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Hunting trophy Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep and Black Bear. Summer wilderness horseback trips, Fishing, Camping, Photography and Art Trips. Our Thorofare Adventures offers the avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast a professional guide service in the largest, most remote wilderness area in the lower 48 US states. Browse through the site for more information.

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    Thank you very much for your inquiry about Hidden Creek Outfitters, Thorofare Adventures. It is, in large, part strict attention to detail that has earned us our reputation for quality, integrity and nearly 27 years of successful hunting and pack trips. Therefore, we try to give as much detail as possible to help you make your decision, and subsequently become one of the hundreds of satisfied members of the Thorofare Adventures family.
    The following information should help you sort through the choices you may have. These are all typical questions that we have distilled down over the years to help our prospective clients make their final decisions.
    We have been in this business for a long time and have full time guides with at least 8-10 years experience part time guides have 4-5 years in the field. Many of the guides have a lifetime of the mountains and being on horseback under their belt.


Outfitter & Guides Questions:
1.  How many years have you been operating as a licensed outfitter?
    23 years in Wyoming.

2.  How many full time guides do you employ?
4 full time guides.

3.  How many part time guides do you employ?
10 part time guides.

4.  How long have your guides been guiding?
Our full time guides average 7-10 years in our employ.
     Our part-time guides average 4-5 years in our employ


Hunting and the Hunters:
1.  Where do you conduct your guided elk hunts?

     We are permitted and licensed to conduct guided hunts in the Bridger Teton Wilderness area,  which includes
     the famous Thorofare, and Shoshone National Forest, including the Washakie Wilderness Area.  If you are
     familiar with the area numbers, our areas encompass the following:

         - Elk - 55,56,57,58,59,60, and 121
         - Mule Deer - 109,110,111,112,113 and 115
         - Antelope - 81,82
         - Big Horn Sheep -
         - Shiras Moose - 8,11 and 31
         - Black Bear - 1,3,25,26,27
         - Mountain Lion - 15,19,20,21,22,23

2.  Are Elk hunts conducted primarily on private land, public land, or a combination
      of the two?
We primarily hunt Federal Wilderness Areas via special use permits where all hunters are required to have a
      licensed guide.  These restrictions dramatically reduce hunting pressure.  We also hunt public and private

3.  Please identify the number of area of private land to which you have access?
Approximately 1000 square miles.

4. How many hunters do you guide each season?
     - Elk - 30 to 40 from our Hidden Creek Camp
     - Elk -  30 to 40 from our Teton Wilderness Camp
     - Elk / Mule Deer Combo - 20
     - Mule Deer - 10 to 20
     - Antelope - 5 to 10
     - Big Horn Sheep -1 to3
     - Shiras Moose -1 to 5
     - Black Bear - 2 to 10
     - Mountain Lion - 5 to 10

5.  How many hunters do you guide simultaneously during each Elk Hunt?
     We generally limit our camps to 8 - 10 hunters per camp.  In Federal Wilderness Areas, we are required to provide one guide per two hunters. 
     We provide one-on-one guiding for an additional fee.

6.  Please provide a description of the type or style of hunts you provide your clients?
     Horseback and stalk, four wheel drive vehicle and stalk, etc.  Federal law prohibits the use of any type of motorized vehicle in the Wilderness
     areas.  All of our hunters ride on horseback into our camps, which are staffed by cooks, wranglers, guides and other miscellaneous help.  I make
     it a habit to visit each camp, during each hunt, to ensure all of the needs of our hunters are met or exceeded.  I also guide a few hunts each
     year.  All hunters ride out of camp each morning with their guides to areas that have been previously scouted and are likely to hold trophy 
     bulls.  Stalking is involved depending on the movement of the animals and the time of the year.  During the early  September season, when the
     bulls are bugling, there is absolutely no thrill like watching your guide call in a mad, bugling bull within easy gun or bow range.

7.  Please provide the success rates you and your guides have experienced over
    the past years?
Success rates are dependent on many factors, including game seen and hunters abilities.  Our average success rate over the past ten years is
     85%.  Shots taken are much higher.  All of our hunters see game, simply put the better physical condition you're in and your ability to
     shoot will always boost your success rate!  "They are not hard to hit, but they sure are easy to miss"

8.  Please provide suggestions regarding physical requirements?
As with any physical activity it is best to consult your doctor before starting.  Our Wilderness hunts are conducted between 8000 to 10,000 foot
     in altitude.  The hunt can be as easy or difficult as you want.
 It is best to prepare your self by taking 1 to 5 mile steady walks.  Include a light
     day pack similar to what you would wear while hunting.  Include some steep hills or use steps
at a sports complex.  The better shape you can be
     in, the more enjoyable the wilderness experience will be.

1.  Please describe the type of accommodations you provide for your clients?
Depending on the type of hunt you choose at least two types of accommodations are provided for our guests.  Comfortable tent camps, with
     heated wall tents, a heated, tented common area, and a  hot shower tent.  On our Mountain Lion hunts and some of our Mule Deer hunts we use
     Lodges.  Our hunters have the utmost in comfort (and first class chow) that can be found anywhere.

2.  Please list specifically what is included in your accommodations?
Everything from maid service at the Lodges to comfortable sleeping pads and cots in the camps.  There are a thousand details that go into
     satisfying your needs.  Everything, I mean everything is included except game licenses and gratuities for our staff.

Trophy Care and Meat Care

1.  Please identify the services you provide in this area?
Your guide will cape out your trophy in the field and then quarter the animal for transportation to Cody.  The meat can be taken into Cody to be processed according to your wishes and often is frozen and prepared for transportation back to your home.  We get the meat out a quickly as possible, depending on weather, etc., sometimes on the morning after the kill.

2.  Please provide information on who handles this, and provide me with a contact
     name and number?

For meat processing we use - Zero Box Meats in Cody, 307-587-4662

 Guide Services / Rates

1.  Please provide your current rate schedule and identify any combination hunts that you have available in your area?
Please see the pricing page that outlines our current prices and hunt combinations

2.  Please specify deposit requirements and time required for those deposits?
This information is described on the pricing page.

Thank you very much for your inquiry.  I hope that your research pays off in not only a trophy hunt, but also in an experience you will never forget and will always cherish.  Know one thing about Hidden Creek Outfitters..  We will never promise more than we can deliver, but we will always work very, very hard to deliver what we promise.


Hidden Creek Outfitters, Bill Perry, Cody Wyoming
Outfitter License #BG041
23 Rd. 6MR, Cody WY 82414 307-899-5124

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