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Hidden Creek Outfitters offers wilderness adventures in Wyoming's famed Thorofare drainage located outside the southeast corner of Yellowstone National Park. Hunting trophy Elk, Deer, Big Horn Sheep and Black Bear. Summer wilderness horseback trips, Fishing, Camping, Photography and Art Trips. Our Thorofare Adventures offers the avid hunter and outdoor enthusiast a professional guide service in the largest, most remote wilderness area in the lower 48 US states. Browse through the site for more information.
  This page contains comments & suggestion from hunters who have hunted
 with   Hidden Creek Outfitters in the past, and would like to pass on
 information to hunters who are considering a future hunt either for the first
 time or as returning clients.

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   We went to Cody, WY in the Fall of 2001. The only negative was the weather. This is a horseback/pack trip back 30 miles from the nearest dead end road over the continental divide. The weather was extremely and unseasonably warm/hot for the elk to be moving through the area. The camp had a double occupancy because it was the week after 9/11 but the staff handily took care of all of the hunters. I was one of the 8 out of 10 hunters to get an elk (6 X 6). Hidden Creek is on the outdoor channel which is how I originally gained my attention and they lived up to my fullest life time dream hunt!!
   = Phil "Butch" Hollenbeck,
 Seneca Falls, New York 315-549-7024

   I was very impressed with the way everything was handled when I arrived at Bill's office.  Everything was planned out and we were told what to do with our gear in order for it to be packed into camp.   The horseback ride in was breath taking the mountains, and animals we saw.  When we arrived at camp we were shown the tents we were staying in & took us around to show us the Cook & Dining tent,  the Shower tent and the Bathroom tent.  It was an awesome setup and to think that being back in the wilderness 30 miles and have these accommodations. The food was wonderful, it was like eating in a high priced restaurant. The areas we hunted were beautiful with lots of different game, Elk, Shiras Moose, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer & Grizzly  Bear. The weather didn't cooperate as it was hot for elk hunting, even with the weather hot we saw 30-40 head of elk everyday and the sign was everywhere.  Bill said if it were 20 deg. cooler we would see 60- 100 elk a day, the sign was there, the elk stayed bedded up during the day. The guides were very experienced & Knew the lay of the areas. The personal in camp was the best I've ever seen, polite - considerate & very helpful in what ever your needs. Bill runs a 1st class operation, from the personnel to the horses & mules to ride & pack were excellent. If you are truly looking for a top notch outfitter & person, and an area that holds trophy elk then give Bill Perry with Hidden Creek Outfitters a call.  I am going on a trophy Mule Deer hunt with Bill in October next year, that is how impressed & confident I am with Bill Perry & Hidden Creek Outfitters. 2002.     Mike has now hunted seven times with us.
   = Mike Malone, Rudy, Arkansas 479-632-6352

  I have hunted with Hidden Creek Outfitters six times now with 75% success for Elk and 100% for Mule Deer.  The Thorofare area is breath taking to say the least.  As with all hunting, weather has a major affect on the animals.  If it is hot the animals don't have to move much, so you will have to cover some ground.  Conversely if it is cold or snow is falling the animals will be moving.  For instance with about 10 inches of snow on the ground the Mule Deer were moving out of Yellowstone.  I counted over 200 deer before I took my buck around lunch time.  This hunt can be as tough as you want it to be, but rarely a cake walk.  Horses are used but not always.   With that said, being in good physical condition is important, don't wait until the last second to start getting ready.  Take long walks at a good pace, even carry a day pack with a weight equal to what you would carry while hunting.  Include hills or steps to get your legs stronger.  Dress in layers so you won't over heat, or can add insulation as needed.  Gaiters are a wonderful item to have.  They will help keep your lower legs warm and dry, and in quick shallow creek crossings can help keep water out of your boots.  The accommodations are comfortable wall tents with cots & foam mats, a lantern, and a wood stove.  Breakfast and Dinner is always a delicious hot & hearty meal.  Most days you will have a sack lunch to eat while hunting.  As we have all heard "Practice, Practice, Practice with your rifle".  You don't need to go out and buy a super big magnum rifle.  A 270 Win. would be the smallest recommended, always shoot a quality hunting bullet.  Shots can be 20 yards to 300 yards so a hunter should know where his rifle is shooting in order to make a good kill shot.  Shoot while laying down with your pack for a rest or lean against a tree for a rest---just practice.  Light weight binoculars in the 8 to 10 power range are handy. The guides will work as hard as they can, and take great pride in being able to present a shot to a hunter.   Bring a powdered sports drink to mix with water for each days hunt.  If you have questions let your fingers do the walking, there are several names and numbers on the "References" page. 
    = Jay Ernst, Eureka, Missouri

  For the Hunter who seeks a modern-day hunt in the wilderness where nostalgia brings back the travels of Teddy Roosevelt, Hidden Creek Outfitters cannot be matched.  Unbelievable mountain passes, extraordinary trophy animals and the comradery of true Outdoorsmen is what you will find with Hidden Creek Outfitters in the Thorofare.                                      
= Chas. Steib, Chesterfield, Missouri 314 862 7805

   When asked if I knew of or could recommend a good Outfitter for Elk or Mule Deer hunt.  I have only one recommendation & that is Bill Perry owner and operator of Hidden Creek Outfitters.. Bill's hunts are all fair chase in the pristine mountains.
   Bill helps you from the start beginning with applying for the license.  The equipment and camps (he has two camps) are first class as is the food, camp jack and guides who work their butts off trying to get the animal you are looking for.  I regret that I was 80 years old before I met a truly good outfitter.  I did some guiding in my youth and you really appreciate what Bill and the Hidden Creek Outfitters crew do for their customers. 

                       Milo "Wes" Burke

Ballwin, MO

   After saving money for 10 long years for a true wilderness pack in hunt I wanted to make sure I got it right. After doing my research and calling references I decided Bill Perry and Hidden Creek Outfitters was the way to go. A short 30 mile horse back ride into truly amazing country puts you in some of the best elk country there is. This is a tough hunt with no guarantees, but if you get in shape and hunt hard you might  be rewarded with a six point bull as I was. Field dressing an elk beside a fire deep in the Wyoming wilderness and an all night hike back into camp finished off my hunt of a lifetime.  
  = Alan Harrell, Elizabeth City, N.C.  252-339-7903

I wanted to drop you a email telling you that it was good meeting you, and this was by far the best hunt i have been on. everything was just great! Good horses, Good Food, Good people, and Good Hunting, I look forward to hunting with Hidden Creek again real soon,  I am attaching a picture of my Mule deer if you would like to post it on your web site picture gallery.

Oh! I was the guy who came with Richard C,

Steve Reynolds

The great staff at Hidden Creek Outfitters made my wife Kelley feel right at home in what most would think would be a all male environment. They really took care of us from keeping our tent warm to awesome meals. Thanks again.

Kevin & Kelley Linton

Hunt Date: Oct 7 2006
Animals Hunted: Mule Deer
Days Hunted: 8
Primary Terrain: Mountain
Method: Rifle
Price Range: 3000-3999

Best western experience. Hunt of a lifetime. Guides and camp people worked extremely hard to make the trip the best. Quantity of game was awesome. Mule Deer migration. Saw some of the best Elk guides working that you could ever want for a hunt. First rate operation. Jim and Bill run a fabulous camp. Saw 480 Mule Deer in 4 days of hunting. Both my friend and I tagged out early. If you want a near guarantee for mule deer go with Hidden Creek Outfitters. They probably from what I saw are one of the best elk camps in the Thorofare area. You can't go wrong with these guys.

Greg Snider on Dec 7 2009

I just  wanted  to tell you that I thought the hunt trip into Teton camp was just great & very well organized & the staff was great .  I was on the first trip in & bagged a nice 6x6 & had a Bear encounter , that I will never forget !!
 I wanted to know if you had the phone # or contact information for the guide that I had , I wanted to thank him again & see how the rest of the season went . I had Davie Gomez & thought that I had his # , but did not end up with it .
Thanks for a great hunting experience & memories
Clayton Eakins
Bloomfield Ia


“We really enjoyed our experience with Hidden Creek Outfitters.   Your personnel, from the guides to the wrangler to the cook, were top-notch, as were your pack animals.   The Thorofare region is gorgeous, and it was fun to take in the full experience that included grizzly bears, big horn sheep and mule deer.  I particularly appreciated your help dealing with the meat after we packed out.  Thanks again for your hospitality.”   DP 

Daniel E. Phelps, CPA, CVA

I don't have any photos that would be good for your website, you already have many of the types of photos that I took.
The stay at the Cody Motor Lodge was excellent,  my room was nice and clean, quite and I had an all around pleasant stay all 3 nights that I stayed there. I would recommend this motel to any of your clients in the future.
The staff that you had at the Hidden Creek camp was very nice, Kyle and Nick done a great job of guiding and were very pleasant to be around and hunt with. Leon and Clint were just as nice and pleasant to be around in camp, I had a vey good time and would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone. The food was beyond belief, Terry (cook) was a fantastic cook. The meals were all very good and he severed a great variety  of food during our stay at the camp. Terry was also very pleasant to be around and talk too.
All in all, I had a great time at camp and on the trip as a whole. It was a great experience, and I enjoyed every minute of my stay at camp with all the staff and clients.
You should be proud of the staff and the quality of the operation that you have going at Hiddencreek Outfitters.
Thank You, Bob Neff


I had a great time hunting with your outfit. You have an excellent staff and camp. I took a nice elk on the second day of the last hunt and a mule deer on the next to the last day. Even if I did not tag out the experience was unforgettable.  It was great just to get out and away from the everyday grind and experience everything the mountains had to offer. I did not anticipate some of the terrain we would be riding the horses on during the hunt but that was also some of the most memorable moments. I felt the effort you, as a hunter, put into the hunt was met with its own reward. In closing, I hope to return to hunt the Rockies in the future and would like to do it with your group. 

Kevin E Kersey
Silver Lake, IN
(574) 268-7259

This was my second hunt with Bill and his team, both were outstanding.  If you are looking for a quality hunt you need to get in touch with these guys.  You will not find a more hard working group of guides and staff, and they are a blast to be around.

Orris Schlabach



Hidden Creek Outfitters, Bill Perry, Cody Wyoming
Outfitter License #BG041
23 Rd. 6MR, Cody WY 82414 307-899-5124

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